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RRD Avant Paddle C30 2 Piece 2020

Artikelnr.: 8990071020897

RRD Avant Paddle C30 2 Piece 2020
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The AVANT PADDLE series is characterized by a special 2 block clamp system.
Available in 30% carbon in standard adjustable or as 3 pieces.
The shaft is adjustable from 174 cm to 220 cm of length.
The paddle blade has been thoughtfully designed to maximize all four phases of the stroke, especially
when the paddle is pulled towards the standing area.
The ergonomic handle gives the best grip possible while the blade (92 SQI) is great for paddling at a
higher stroke rate, allowing the rider to use less power during long stand up paddling sessions.

30% carbon , for Improving riders
V shape blade
Antitwist system with the 2 pin lock block

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Geschlecht Unisex