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POWERSLIDE Kids Basic 3 Pack

Artikelnr.: POWERSLIDE-Kids-Basic-3-Pack

POWERSLIDE Kids Basic 3 Pack

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Safety first! The Kids “Basic” protection set featuring big caps and high quality shock absorbing
materials, which protect your kids well and fit perfectly.
Best price value ratio in the market.


Powerslide “Basic” knee and elbow pads have an anatomically shaped body for perfect and snug fit.
The big and flat caps provide the skater, especially for the beginners, a big sliding area that makes it
easy to control the slides in case of a fall.
High quality dual density EVA foam, an anatomically formed knee donut as well as a smooth and soft
lining material give the skaters all they need for their daily skating: protection and comfort.
The outside material of the pads is made of very durable 600D nylon.
The pads feature a double strap closure system.


This wristguard features two big size anatomically shaped composite splints, which offers maximum
protection when you slide and fall.
The mesh material offers air circulation to optimize the comfort during skating.
The triple strap fixation keeps the wristguard firmly on the user’s hand.

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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
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