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POWERSLIDE Allround Helm Kids cyan S

Artikelnr.: 4040333485347

POWERSLIDE Allround Helm Kids cyan S
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29,95 €
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Powerslides' Kids Adventure series helmets are
designed with safety as the top priority.
Kids are adventurous creatures and this helmet
provides them with the chance to do this safely.
A high-density EPS skeleton covered by a PVC
shell provides the perfect protection.
Not only are kids adventurous, but they are also
creative, so included in this helmet are two sticker
packs to let them design the helmet they want and love.

Adjustable ring YES
Outer Shell construction injected impacted shell
Outside shell material ABS
Shell Black High Density EPS
Padding open pads
Straps nylon - black
Closure Easy Clip
Weight 217g (S/M), 259g (L/XL)
Extras sticker pack

S (50-54cm)

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe S
Geschlecht Kinder