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NIDECKER Muon W black L

Artikelnr.: 7640414096690

NIDECKER Muon W black L
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The Muon-W benefits from our latest advances in binding fit but
offers a more forgiving platform for progression. With the softest
flex in the women’s line, it feels immediately comfy to ride and won’t
kick your ass if you make the occasional mistake. It’s constructed
using a regular Nylon baseplate and hiback that’s tough and lightweight,
with an asymmetric shape that matches your boot perfectly. The ankle
strap is nice and wide to spread the pressure over your foot, and is made
from a durable material with plenty of padding. We’ve paired it with our
Proton-Ratchet that boasts a super efficient tightening action, and added
tools-free adjustment so you can customize the fit in seconds. Along with
our innovative Hexo Toecap, this is a binding that prioritizes comfort and reliability – so you can focus on your riding.

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe L