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LIGHT Pro Medium All Carbon 3-Piece Paddle 2018

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LIGHT Pro Medium All Carbon 3-Piece Paddle 2018
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SUP is an excellent work out and makes out-of-reach surf spots accessible and let you explore the
But you can't get to the next level and distance if you are tired.
Fatigue starts using the wrong paddle so advanced riders know it's the most important part of the
Weight and flex, catch and power is key.
Excellent paddles create stoke and this is our mission !
We offer different blade types and angles reflecting allround use from wave to race and special race
designs with larger angle and slim, long blade outlines.

Two Piece 645gr. round tapered

length 170 - 228cm

Dihydral Scooped V
12K Carbon Fiber Blade, Shaft & Handle
ABS Edge Protection
2 Shaft Options
Round Tapered Carbon
Oval Tapered CarbonAngle 8°
Area 94.9 in2 / 612 cm2\m
Rider Weight up to 85kg or heavier with higher stroke rate

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Geschlecht Unisex