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K2 VO2 S 100 BOA 44.0

Artikelnr.: 886745963141

K2 VO2 S 100 BOA 44.0
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The NEW VO2 S 100 BOA® is the premier skate in
our x-training category, and for good reason.
Loaded with the tech and functional features
demanded by x-training athletes, these skates
bring variety, speed and performance to your training plan.
The VO2 S BOA® is outfitted with the BOA® Fit System,
giving skaters the ability to easily get in and out of their skates,
dial in a precision fit and make on-the-fly adjustments.
The x-training athlete is sure to appreciate the stiff,
single-sided VO2 S Frame, which provides a fast and
responsive skating experience while simultaneously
absorbing road vibration. Four massive 100mm wheels
with ILQ-9 S Plus Bearings bring the smooth, high-speed
roll expected of top-tier x-training skates.
The 3-part Vortex Ventilation System keeps feet cool
and dry on those long training skates by channeling air
through the base, footbed and upper. With this plethora of
skate tech paired with an updated, eye-grabbing look that
screams speed, you’ll find the VO2 S BOA® atop the x-training mountain.

*Note: Brake is removable but not compatible with left skate.

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe 44.0
Geschlecht Herren