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K2 Trio LT 100 M

Artikelnr.: K2-Trio-LT-100-M

K2 Trio LT 100 M
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The updated Trio LT 100 is the ultimate in inline
skate versatility.
From daily commuting on city streets to cruising
with friends on your favorite path, these skates
are designed do it all.
Three 100mm wheels with ILQ-7 bearings provide a
maneuverable base while the Original Softboot® keeps
you skating in comfort no matter how long you’re out
on the pavement.
Updated styling gives the Trio LT 100 a modern,
sleek aesthetic that’s sure to look at home wherever
these skates may take you!

Skate Lacing
Speed Lacing System

Skate Category

Skate Wheel Size
100 mm

Skate Frame
Stamped Aluminum Frame

Skate Cuff
Stability Plus Cuff

Skate Bearings

Speed Lacing:
The K2 Speed Lacing Closure System is a single-pull
design making one pull all you need to create a snug fit.
Roll up excess lace and stow in the speed lace pouch
located on the tongue.

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
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