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K2 Raygun 22/23

Artikelnr.: K2-Raygun-22/23

K2 Raygun 22/23

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429,95 €
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The K2 Raygun combines a classic directional twin shape
and progressive Combination Camber Profile that takes
on all comers, and is the perfect ally for ripping down open
powder fields, perfectly spaced tree runs, or your favorite
line in the park. To keep the Raygun predictable and focused
on progression, we rely on a Directional Rockerâ„¢ Profile,
giving it a confidence-boosting feel by lifting contact points
off the snow in the tip and tail. Its Aspen core provides a snappy
and playful feel with a mid-flex for quick edge changes through
sketchy terrain and pressing on boxes and butters. We use our
ICGâ„¢ 10 Biax Fiberglass with tip-to-tail carbon stringers for edge
hold through choppy terrain and at high speeds, and added an
Extruded 2000 base to provide a smooth and durable feel that’ll
have you leading your crew to the next secret stash. The
all-mountain Raygun POP packs premium tech into an affordable
package for leveling up your skill set on any terrain the
resort has to offer.

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