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K2 Meridian black 22/23 M

Artikelnr.: 886745970620

K2 Meridian black 22/23 M
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For all-day comfort, customization, and performance,
the K2 Meridian sets the bar.
It takes a freestyle approach to cruising, popping,
and slashing your way all over the mountain - no
wonder it’s a Team favorite.

Exclusive to K2, the TriPodâ„¢ Chassis takes center stage
on the mid-flexing K2 Meridian.
This technology works in harmony with the natural geometry
of the human foot to find the sweet spot between energy
transfer and board flex.
We’ve also built in 3º of canting, and an adjustable power
ramp places you in a balanced riding position while perfectly
matching the shape of your boot outsole.

The urethane-based Tweakbackâ„¢ highback is flexible and
features our Gap Eraserâ„¢ forward lean adjustment,
eliminating the need for a traditional lean-block - resulting in a
lighter weight binding with a superior response.

Holding your boot securely into the binding, our 3D Benderâ„¢ ankle
strap and PerfectFitâ„¢ 2.0 toe strap are supremely comfortable
and allow maximum flexibility and support for grabs and tweaks.
In addition, the ankle and toe straps utilize aluminum ratchets
with EZ Feed design for lifelong durability and quick strapping in.

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
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