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K2 Medium 155 19/20

Artikelnr.: 886745811039

K2 Medium 155 19/20
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A streamlined take on a classic freestyle snowboard, the Medium is the perfect intersection of refinement and high performance.
The concept of the Medium came from the mind of Jake Kuzyk himself.
A true snowboarder’s snowboarder, Jake is understated, meticulous, and incredibly hard working, and our engineers set out to
mirror those distinctive traits when creating the Medium.
Through a few revisions, we worked with Jake to find the perfect combination of a classic outline, a snappy core, and an overall
nimble feel - and out came the Medium.
A sintered base, snappy trim-blend core, Carbon DarkWeb™, and an bombproof Inked Glass™ topsheet all work together to
create a premium twin-tip that packs a bunch of power and can take on on any task.

Board Shape

Snowboard Base
4000 Sintered

Snowboard Baseline

Snowboard Shape Notes
Traditional Shape

Snowboard Core

Snowboard Glass

Snowboard Inserts
2 X 4

Snowboards Category

Snowboard Width
Standard ,Wide

Snowboard Construction

Snowboard Additive
Carbon DarkWeb™ ,Ollie Bar™

Technical Details

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