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K2 Marlee Boa

Artikelnr.: K2-Marlee-Boa

K2 Marlee Boa
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The Marlee BOA® kids’ inline skates are great for the young skater
you want to excel at the sport and plan for them to skate for years
to come.
With the unique Five Size Adjustability feature these skates can
be expanded so they grow with your child’s foot.
The Stability Plus Cuff offers exceptional support while the BOA® Fit
System will have them laced up and ready to cruise in no time.
The F.B.I. Frame absorbs road vibrations and makes it easier for
the young skater to get acclimated to the sport.

Skate Bearings

Skate Cuff
Stability Plus Cuff

Skate Category

Skate Frame
FBI Frame

Skate Wheel Size
72 mm

Skate Lacing
BOA® Fit System

Skate Features
5 Size Adjustability , The BOA® Fit System

Technical Details

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