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K2 F.I.T. 90 BOA

Artikelnr.: K2-F.I.T.-90-BOA

K2 F.I.T. 90 BOA

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229,95 €
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The F.I.T. 90 BOA® is designed to meet the
needs of the dedicated fitness enthusiast.
The BOA® Fit System provides skaters a custom,
precision fit and the ability to make on-the-fly
Comfort and stability come standard thanks to the
Original Softboot®, D.C. Aluminum Frame and
Stability Plus Cuff. ILQ-7 bearings and 90mm wheels
round out the design the ensure a smooth, fast ride.
For the ultimate fitness skating experience,
dial-in to the F.I.T. 90 BOA® and get rolling!

Skate Bearings

Skate Cuff
Stability Plus Cuff

Skate Frame
DC Aluminum Frame

Skate Wheel Size
90 mm

Skate Category

Skate Lacing
BOA® Fit System

Skate Features
Flex Notch , The BOA® Fit System

BOA® Fit System:
The BOA® Fit System offers a fast, effortless,
precision fit.

Stability Plus Cuff:
Perfect blend of support where you need it while reducing overall skate weight.

Technical Details

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