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K2 Clicker X HB Maysis 22/23 black

Artikelnr.: K2-Clicker-X-HB-Maysis-22/23-black

K2 Clicker X HB Maysis 22/23 black

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Snowboarding's most time-tested step-in system meets the #1
boot in snowboarding. We built the Maysis Clickerâ„¢ X HB to be the
cornerstone of our Clickerâ„¢ X collection, and its feature-forward
design delivers comfort and performance in spades.

It starts with a heat-moldable liner made of open-cell Intuition®
foam - allowing the liner to form to the exact shape of your leg,
ankle, and foot for superior fit, warmth, and comfort. The secret
to the award-winning fit is our Condaâ„¢ liner lacing system.
Powered by a BOA® Fit System dial, this forgiving and adjustable
harness is designed to pull the user's heel into the boot's heel pocket.
This urethane-based harness hugs your ankle and flexes naturally.

Externally, we started with an articulating cuff to reduce distortion
when bending the knee, and we've added an abrasion-resistant
rubber compound for unrelenting durability. A high-powered BOA®
Fit System H4 Coiler closes the shell securely and can be done
without removing your gloves.

Lastly, to add durability and maintain the boot's flex over the
boot's lifetime, we've added a power strap and constructed the
K2 Maysis Clickerâ„¢ X HB using our Endoâ„¢ technology in the heel
counter. Underfoot, we've integrated our Clickerâ„¢ X technology
into an outsole. Secure and robust integrated toe and heel mounts
are integrated into a full rubber outsole. This dual-compound
rubber material is grippy and durable for ice traction in the
parking lot and those semi-sketchy boot packs. An impact
absorbing EVA midsole is lined with K2's SpaceHeaterâ„¢ material
to keep your foot warm and comfortable all day to put the cherry on top.

*Compatible only with Clickerâ„¢ X HB Binding*

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