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K2 Clicker X HB 22/23 black

Artikelnr.: K2-Clicker-X-HB-22/23-black

K2 Clicker X HB 22/23 black

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269,95 €
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For the snowboarder who refuses to sacrifice comfort and
performance for convenience, K2’s Clicker™ X HB provides
secure toe and heel mount points for an ultra-quick edge-to-edge
response and natural lateral mobility for a familiar flex and feel.
We’ve engineered a 3° cant directly into the chassis, helping to
bring the knees together to place the user in a natural riding position.
This makes turns feel more natural, alleviates foot pain,
and takes unnecessary pressure off the knees and hips.
An adjustable heel cup allows riders to dial in their stance
perfectly and gives an excellent spot for holding when hiking
for the softest snow around. The highback features tool-less
forward lean adjustment with two pre-set angles. Settings
dial in at 0° for a traditional up-right feel and 6° for those
looking for extra leverage on their heelside turns.

*Only compatible with K2 Clickerâ„¢ X HB snowboard boot models.

**Compatible with all modern mountain systems (i.e., 4-hole and channel).

Technical Details

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