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K2 Bedford grey 22/23

Artikelnr.: K2-Bedford-grey-22/23

K2 Bedford grey 22/23
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With the tech and components of a binding
twice the cost, the K2 Bedford hits it out of
the park on the all-mountain snowboard binding
big three: performance, comfort, and value.

The durable frame of the Bedford is the A-Line
Chassis, featuring a cushy EVA seamless footbed
and a 3º inward cant to match your natural body
position while strapped in.
This puts the rider in a balanced position ideally
suited to anticipate terrain changes and lay down
smooth turns or tackle features in the terrain parks.

The Bedford’s AT Polycarbonate highback features
our Gap Eraserâ„¢ forward lean adjustment for customizing
heelside board feel and response.
The Power Ramp slides to match the outsole of your boot
for precision toe side edge response with minimal lag
time--your board has no choice but to instantly respond
to your every command.

We use our cushy Custom Caddiâ„¢ ankle strap and PerfectFitâ„¢
toe strap to hug your feet without cutting off circulation for
happy feet all-day riding.
And the whole binding can be adjusted on the fly without any
tool required, thanks to our Toolless design philosophy.

Technical Details

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