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K2 Alchemist 22/23 160

Artikelnr.: 886745968405

K2 Alchemist 22/23 160
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The North Star in the K2 Snowboarding
snowboard offering, and the marquee of
the Landscape Collection, the Alchemist is a
hard-charging, directional freeride board for
a skilled rider.
Targeted to please the advanced to expert level
snowboarder, the Alchemist is packed with
functional technology.
This snowboard features two unique technologies
from the K2 camp; the SpaceGlassâ„¢ tip insert and
the patented Spectral Braid. SpaceGlassâ„¢ is a pre-cured
fiberglass insert that helps reduce weight, reduce chatter,
and increase edge pressure. Spectral Braid is a
technology that allows us to adjust tip-to-tail stiffness
independently from the torsional stiffness.
This lets us make a torsionally stiffer snowboard in the
tip and tail to promote edge hold while keeping it more
relaxed between the feet to allow for easy turn initiation.

New for 2022-2023, we’ve added our Recess3D technology
to the nose of the Alchemist.
This technology removes material from the board,
adding a visual depth to the top sheet while helping to
reduce weight and chatter without sacrificing strength.

A combination of rider input, premium technology,
and 35 years of building snowboards culminate in
showcasing the most aggressive and precision-crafted
snowboard we’ve ever made.
The Alchemist stands alone as the most premium offering
in freeride snowboarding today.

board shape

30.1 - 25.3 - 29.5mm @ 160cm

Freeride , Powder

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe 160
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