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JONES Frontier Splitboard 2022 158W

Artikelnr.: 7630463413043

JONES Frontier Splitboard 2022 158W
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The Frontier Split is the ultimate splitboard for playful riders looking
for a directional freeride shape without a stiff flex.

The Frontier features a floaty, freeride nose for pow crushing and crud
busting matched with a freestyle tail that's perfect for popping pillows
and stomping cliff drops. On icy skin tracks or firm descents, the Directional
Rocker profile and Inner/Outer Traction Tech 2.0 edges provide confident
stability and edge grip. The Frontier Split offers high performance without
skimping on materials as it's built with a Sintered 8000 base, an Eco-plastic
topsheet and a Classic V-Core that is specially profiled for added pop between
the feet. The Frontier Split is also equipped with upgraded Karakoram Ultra
Clip 1.0, and easily replaceable, screw mounted, Karakoram tip clips.

Art by: RP Roberts

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe 158W
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