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ION Strike Element Shorty SS 2/2 BZ DL navy blue/bright blue

Artikelnr.: ION-Strike-Element-Shorty-SS-2/2-BZ-DL-navy-blue/bright-blue

ION Strike Element Shorty SS 2/2 BZ DL navy blue/bright blue
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Line Concept

Enter the world of ION with the STRIKE ELEMENT.
A premium all-rounder guaranteed to deliver a lot of bang for your buck! Offering comfort and
protection in all the right places, it’s the perfect entry level suit for keen watermen.
Supple, stretchy and robust it also includes many features from the higher end of the line.

Target Group

Ideal for recreational riders and weekend warriors looking for a suit with a more modest price tag that
delivers comfort, quality and good performance.


. Former Element Line
. Double Thread GBS
. Supra_Tex upgrade
. Enlarged Knee Panel Knee_Panel oder: Enlarged knee panel


Robust: Nylon and Supra_Tex protection.

Price Value: Entry-level suit don't have to be boring!

Technical Details

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