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ION Element Shorty SS 2/2 BZ DL black

Artikelnr.: ION-Element-Shorty-SS-2/2-BZ-DL-black

ION Element Shorty SS 2/2 BZ DL black

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119,95 €
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ION's Element level represents a premium
all-rounder wetsuit guaranteed to deliver
a lot of bang for your buck!
Offering comfort and protection in all the
right places, it’s the perfect entry-level suit
for keen watermen.
Supple, stretchy and robust, it also includes
many features from the more technical end
of the range:
Silk_Stuff inside lining on the upper body provides
a comfortable fit and good stretch in the
shoulder area.
Hot_Stuff 2.0 – ION's stretchiest thermo lining –
improves warmth, flexibility, and comfort even
Element Backzip models feature additional protection
pads at the shins as well as detachable leg loops to
prevent water from rushing into the suit.

Robust Nylon and Supra_Tex protection.

85% Neoprene / 15% Nylon

Technical Details

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