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ION Amaze Shorty SS 2.5 BZ black 40/L

Artikelnr.: 9010583058153

ION Amaze Shorty SS 2.5 BZ black 40/L
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The Amaze Shorty 2.5 SS Back Zip is for all water
women who want to conquer the oceans with confidence.
This short-sleeved summer style provides just the right
fit for light protection against wind and sun rays.
Flexible neoprene offers optimal freedom of movement
while our super-smooth Silk_Stuff inside lining increases
wearing comfort to the max.
Thanks to fused edges and reinforced seams, this summer
style does not only look good but comes with the sturdiness
you need on your adventures.

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Größe 40/L
Geschlecht Damen