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LOGIC Logic Plastic Pegsset raw

Artikelnr.: 89461343283

LOGIC Logic Plastic Pegsset raw
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29,95 €
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The unique thing about the Logic Plastic peg set is that the outer sleeve of the pegs are made of a
strong durable plastic.
This means you can replace the sleeves when they wear down or simply remove them and grind on the
aluminum inserts.

•2 Pegs
•2 spacers for use when fitting
•2 axles with locknuts

Peglänge: 5cm
Achse: Inklusive
Achslänge: 60mm, 90mm
Axle diameter: 8mm
Anzahl pro Packung: 2
Material: Plastik, Aluminium
Gewicht per peg: 35g
Gewicht: 149g

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Geschlecht Unisex