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BERN Brighton EPS Skate Helmet satin grey

Artikelnr.: BERN-Brighton-EPS-Skate-Helmet-satin-grey

BERN Brighton EPS Skate Helmet satin grey

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39,95 €
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The women's Brighton features core clean lines that will look good during any season.
Dishing out comfort and safety the Brighton has a few different constructions that are sure to meet
your needs whether you’re on your board, bike, the slopes, or in the water.

The EPS is a certified helmet, unlike the Brighton HardHat counterpart, that is not.

SO why do you want that, you ask?
Why does it exist?

The EPS/Thin Shell model is a certified helmet for both bike and snow.
This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly lightweight lid.
A certified helmet is designed to crack and absorb a gnarly impact, much like you may encounter
should you take a hard spill on the hill or riding your bike.
A Womens EPS Winter Liner can be purchased separately to keep up with you through the seasons.

Weight: 15.5-16.8 oz
Standards: ABS Hardshell with EPS Foam
Sizing Charts: Summer | Winter
Liner: EPS

Technical Details

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