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AO Hulk 110mm gold incl. ABEC 7

Artikelnr.: 836564080031

AO Hulk 110mm gold incl. ABEC 7
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“I absolutely love them, they have more control and
are a lot more comfortable.
Manuals and Railrides feel amazing with them. I honestly
don’t want to go back to normal wheels” - just some of
the comments we got from our riders after testing our
28 mm wheels.
We were instantly sold and AO Hulk wheels were born.
AO Hulk wheels are super fast, grippy and the width of the
core is still 24 mm so they will fit on most decks without need
for new spacers.
Including ABEC 9 bearings and lifetime warranty against dehubbing.

•28 mm wide (core 24 mm)
•110 mm/ 90A
•10-Star design to prevent denting
•Including ABEC 9 bearings
•Lifetime warranty against dehubbing

Technical Details

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
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